This website was created by the Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) to provide ideas and resources to support instructors in planning for various teaching modalities for the 2020-21 academic year and fall 2021. The Other Resources include links to blogs, articles, and suggestions to help instructors plan their teaching.

Planning for Remote Teaching is a step-by-step guide to converting courses to a more remote delivery. 

In this video, Stephen Kortenkamp reflects on his General Education Planetary Science Course, which was taught in the Flex In-Person modality.

In this video, Terrace Ewinghill reflects on her work supporting Math 100 courses that were taught in the Live Online modality.

In  this video, Marcy Ziska reflects on teaching a Spanish class in the Live Online modality.

In this video, Hannah Edwards reflects on teaching the Teaching Teams class in the Online modality.

In December 2020, Student Success staff invited students to video record themselves reflecting on their experiences during the fall semester. 

Provost Communications

  • March 4 email to instructors, deans, and department heads regarding resumption of Student Course Surveys in Spring 2021

  • February 8 email to instructors and staff regarding the start of Stage 2 instruction (classes of less than 50) on February 22

  • January 8 email to instructors regarding timely feedback and grading in the spring semester.

  • January 8 email to instructors regarding modifications to class absence policies and syllabus language.

  • January 7 email to instructors regarding course support for caregiving instructors.

  • January 6 email to faculty and staff regarding the start of the spring semester.

President Communications

  • March 26 email to faculty, staff, and students regarding the mask policy still being in place after Governor's Executive Order

  • March 19 email to faculty, staff, and students regarding the mask policy still being in place, even for vaccinated individuals

  • March 16 email to faculty, staff, and students regarding the start of Stage 3 instruction (classes of less than 100) on March 29

  • March 9 email to faculty, staff, and students regarding fall 2021 course modalities.

  • December 13 email to faculty and staff regarding required virus testing during Spring 2021 for students living on campus or attending classes on campus.

  • November 2 email to faculty, staff, and students announcing spring 2021 plans.

  • November 15 email to faculty and staff reminding that most classes will move to remote instruction after the Thanksgiving break, November 30-December 9, 2020.
  • October 16 email to selected instructors (instructors in in-person or flex in-person main campus non-independent study classes that are not part of essential or current phase 2) regarding the next phase of in-person classes.
  • October 14 email to faculty, staff, and students announcing the substitution of five Reading Days for Spring Break 2021.
  • October 12 email to students regarding the end of fall semester.
  • October 5 memo about the move to Stage 2 (in-person classes with enrollments of less than 30 students) starting October 12. 
  • September 10 memo with information about faculty and administrator annual performance review for 2020
  • August 25 email to faculty, staff, and students announcing that the UA will remain in Stage 1 (only Essential In-Person courses and outdoor courses) for the week of August 31 (Stage 1 has been extended at least through October 9.)
  • August 12 email to instructors with links to recommended syllabus language and guidance on attendance policies
  • July 30 email to students with information about the phased-in approach for fall 2020 courses
  • July 27 email to faculty and staff announcing a phased-in approach to fall 2020 courses scheduled as In-Person or Flex In-Person. Beginning Monday, August 24, only Essential In-Person courses and those courses scheduled for outdoor spaces will be held in-person on our campuses. All other planned In-Person and Flex In-Person courses will proceed in remote and online (synchronous or asynchronous) modes during Stage 1.
  • July 16 email to students with information about the fall course modalities (The communication included links to a video and a tutorial on navigating the UAccess Student Center to find out the modalities of their fall courses.)
  • July 11 email recommending that instructors plan for the first weeks of the fall semester to utilize remote instruction, based on the current COVID-19 infection rates
  • June 16 release of the following documents to all Deans on regarding fall teaching modalities and deadlines for specifying those modalities:

Fall 2020 Classroom Overview for Instructors and Staff (August 14, 2020)

Resources were shared by representatives of the University Classroom Committee: Classroom Technology Services, Room & Course Scheduling, Disability Resource Center, Collaborative Learning Spaces, Office of Instruction & Assessment, and Facilities Management.

Presentation  |  Video  |  Chat

Regardless of your teaching modality, it is critical to utilize strategies that include and engage all students in your course, whether they can attend the class sessions synchronously in person or in Zoom, or if they will need to view recordings of class sessions. The resources listed below provide ideas and guidelines for maximizing inclusion of all of your students.
The following FAQ documents are designed to guide instructors in creating online courses and can be used to design online elements for other class modalities. 

Please feel free to reach out to the OIA Faculty-Development team with your questions and requests for consultations regarding your teaching.