In Person (with Distancing)

In PersonImportant Note: Only Essential In-Person classes will be allowed to meet on campus at the start of the spring 2021 semester. All other classes will start with remote instruction. The most important steps you can take to prepare for an upcoming semester are to build a robust D2L Course Site AND communicate with your students about how you will handle the classes until they can meet on campus. Consult Planning for Remote Teaching for steps to accomplish these tasks.

While this is a familiar class mode for instructors, some adjustments will need to be made to accommodate safety precautions designed to limit the spread of the corona virus. Students should be advised that they should not attend class if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19. When they do attend class, they need to wear face coverings that cover both their nose and mouth. The UA will provide two face coverings to students and instructors at no cost. The UA Bookstore is offering online sales of UA-branded masks. (Dean of Students Face Covering Student Compliance Guidelines) While in class, students and instructors will need to remain separated as per the most current distancing guidelines whenever possible. For centrally scheduled classrooms, revised classroom capacities have been identified. For classrooms that have more than one door, one will be designated for exiting students and another for incoming students. (Exit and entrance procedures for classrooms with one door are under development.) Classroom Technology Services has prepared this Quick Start Guide to disinfecting and using the classroom technologies. Active and collaborative learning activities will need to be adjusted to accommodate distancing and mask requirements. Some suggestions are available in the Other Resources tab, Active Learning in Physically Distanced Classrooms. Finally, you may find these attendance guidelines helpful.

Julieta teaches an Accounting class which meets in McClelland Hall 125. This classroom has tiered seating, with fixed tables. The door at the front of the classroom has been designated for entering students, and the door at the back of the classroom for exiting students. She asks students to remain well separated when entering and exiting the classroom. Students sit at the tables in the seats marked as open to maintain appropriate physical distancing. She has included language in her syllabus about these procedures, and has noted that students are required to wear face coverings during class.

Because it will take longer than usual for students to enter the classroom and get settled in their seats, she plans starter activities that ask students to respond to polling questions after they are settled. These activities engage students with the class content from the minute they arrive at their seats, and can guide Julieta in making any changes to the day's plans. On the first day of class, she polled students about the location of their next class, and learned that the majority of students had classes that met south of Speedway. Because of the requirements for physical distancing on campus, instructors have been asked to dismiss classes a few minutes early. Julieta decides that she will end her class sessions five minutes early so students have time to get to their next classes. She adds short post-class assignments to her D2L course site to replace the wrap-up activities that she would usually do in person.

In this video, Jean McLain, faculty member in the Department of Environmental Science, shares her thoughts about using the In-Person model for the fall semester.


  • This is a mode of instruction that is familiar to both instructors and students; bringing some sense of normalcy.


  • Instructors will need to be prepared for students forgetting face coverings, perhaps by bringing department-supplied disposable masks to class sessions.
  • Some class time will be lost due to the requirements of physical distancing.
  • Some collaborative activities may need to move online; e.g., D2L Discussions, Google docs, as distancing requirements may preclude them during class meetings.

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Question Mark GraphicOIA is offering webinars and mini-courses throughout the summer to help instructors plan for the fall semester. Please also feel free to reach out to the OIA Faculty-Development team with your questions and requests for consultations regarding planning your courses.

Additional support is available for D2L and instructional technologies.