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In this class mode, the instructor and students attend class sessions remotely, via Zoom or some other video-conferencing system. The class sessions are held according to the meeting schedule for the course. Access to all course materials such as readings, reading assignments, websites, or videos is provided in the D2L course site. Assignments are submitted in D2L, and instructor feedback is also provided in D2L. Instructors provide office hours in Zoom or another system. Finally, you may find these attendance guidelines helpful.

   Jaheem teaches several sections of English 101, each with 25 students. The first portion of each Zoom class session is devoted to answering students' questions about the class pre-reading or pre-writing assignments. The remainder of the sessions are devoted to activities where students are asked to apply content; e.g., work in small groups in breakout rooms to workshop each other’s writing. Students are divided into small groups in the D2L course site and are asked to peer review two or three other students' writing throughout the semester. For larger writing assignments, Jaheem has students submit portions of the assignments (e.g., outline, draft, final paper) over the course of several weeks, to Assignment folders in D2L. He uses rubrics created in D2L to give students feedback on their writing.

   In this video, Ted Weinert, Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology, shares his thoughts about using the Live Online model for the fall semester.


  • This model protects vulnerable students and instructors from infection.
  • On-campus and off-campus students are treated identically, promoting equity.
  • The activities during the synchronous class sessions address aspects of the course with which students may need help. They also can promote higher-order reasoning, connecting topics, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.


  • Students not on campus may have difficulty accessing Zoom meetings, based on their connectivity or time zones.

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